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Steel Shop Drawings Service

Shop Drawings in Steel; are detailed draws of Structures, elements and accessories to be fabricated and erected or installed in the final position. Usually shop drawings are made on base of the structural and architectural plans in 2D model, to be drawn and presented in 3D model, and details for building in the field.

The shop drawing must include the following information:

  • Dimensions and special instructions including connection details.
  • Applicable fabrication standards.
  • Installation and erection information.
  • Dimensions that require on-site verification.
  • Comparisons to the construction documents to enable approval by the architect or engineer.
  • Notes on changes from the construction documents to enable approval by the architect or engineer.

  • The steel shop drawing service, is provided by KMBJ Structural Steel, Inc. company in all California state, the drawn process and approval usually is remotely by internet, and the printed plans is delivered or FOB. To engineers, architects, general contractors, land or building owners. The shop drawings service, normally is part of the steel fabrication and erection service process, for this; is included in the bid proposal budget and schedule.

    Term of service: The shop drawings will be drawn based on the plans and approved by the client.

    Shop Drawings Service Los Angeles, United States.

    Shop drawings

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