KMBJ works with; Technical Standards, Safety and Quality

KMBJ Structural Steel is a Company with 21 years of experience, in Structural Steel for Residential, comercial Projects. And a wide range of  Structural Steel, Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel in the Los Angeles area and its sorroundings. We work under the technical standards with official license and Qualified Welders and workers with Safety and Occupational Healthy Rules and Quality.

Our work with professionalism and quality begins; with the taking of the client’s requirements, the technical specifications and other documents that they give us. We assign our expert staff to carry out the planning, execution, design of the work and the assignment of the materials, under the norms and American standards. We deliver the product according to technical specifications and customer satisfaction.

We believe in working with quality, the integral development of our collaborators. The satisfaction of our clients to whom we value them and we hope to serve them for a long time.

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